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Author Guidelines

Instructions for authors

1. - Text presentation

Manuscripts intended for publication must conform to the latest edition of the requirements indicated by the International Committee of Medical Journals Editors (Spanish)

Acta Bioethica is an open access publication, and does not require authors to pay in cash for editing, diagraming and publishing in the journal or for users to access articles.


2. - Technical requirements

Submit manuscripts to: and then link to "article submission"

Upload separalety:

- Article cover page, indicating first name and family name of each author, accompanied by most important academic degrees and institutional affiliations; name of sections, departments, services and institutions to which to give credit for the study carried out, whether there is declarations of disclaimer; name, address, telephone number and email of correspondence author related to manuscript.

- The article, with the characteristics pointed out in instructions to authors, and

- A cover letter, presenting reasons  and context of the article submitted and other considered relevant information.

- Number pages in consecutive way, beginning with title page.

- Text length must not exceed 6.000 words, including tables and graphics.

- To maintain copies of all material submitted. 

Note: the submission, editing process and publication have no cost for the author


3. - Structural framework of the study

3.1 Title of study

Precise but informative about main content of the publication.

- Article title, brief but informative

- Names and surnames of each author, with most relevant academic degrees and institutional affiliation

- Institutions, departments or sections receiving credits for the execution of the work

- Declaration of liabilities or conflicts of interests

- Name, address, telephone numbers and e-mail address of the corresponding author

3.2 Abstract and keywords

- An abstract of less than 250 words must be included, summarizing aims, methods and conclusions

- Three to six keywords. Terms listed in Medical Subject Headings (MsSH) of Index Medicus should be used whenever possible


3.3 Introduction

A concise statement of purposes, aims and fundaments of the study should be provided, with appropriate references, avoiding repetitions and in-depth revisions. No data or conclusions are allowed in this section

3.4 Methods

Methods, techniques and procedures should be described in sufficient detail as to allow informed readers to evaluate their pertinence to the study

3.5 Results

Results should be presented in logical sequence. If illustrations are used, information contained in them should not be repeated in the text

3.6 Discussion

Novel or important aspects of the study should be emphasized; avoiding repetition of results or methods and formulating the conclusions in brief form. The meaning of the conclusions should bear on ethical aspects of the work presented. Recommendations or policy suggestions are welcome.

3.7 Acknowledgements

Following aspects should be included

-          Collaboration not justifying authorship (e.g.head of department, methodological support)

-          Technical help

-          Financial or material support

-          Conflicts of interest of financial or other type

3.8 References

- Should be numbered consecutively in order of appearance. If a reference is cited more than once, the original number must be retained.

-If a page number is quoted in verbatim citations, it should be included within the reference brackets (Example: “ethical principles are essential” (18:234)

-References should be identified with Arabic numerals in parenthesis at the end of statements or paragraphs

-References cited only in illustrations are numbered following the sequence of appearance

-References should be presented in order of appearance at the end of the text

-Abstracts do not constitute references

-References to articles accepted but not yet published should be presented as “in press”; authors are encouraged to request permissions for such quotes and provide evidence of acceptance for publication

-Authors are responsible for checking references with original material

-Following examples should help, based on Index Medicus guidelines. Use full name of journals (not abbreviations)

(Consult: U. S. National Library of Medicine. List of journals indexed. Full tittle listing. Index Medicus 1998: 111-190. Ó URL:

3.8.1 Journal articles

Individual author, part of a series

Lessa I. Epidemiologia dos acidentes vasculares encefálicos na cidade do Salvador: II, Fatores de risco, complicaçoes e causas de morte. Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia 1985; 44(4): 225-260.

More tan three authors

List first three authors followed by «et al.».

Parkin DM, Clayton D, Black RJ, et al. Childhood leukaemia after Chernobyl: 5 year follow-up. British Journal of Cancer 1996; 73: 1006-12.

Corporate author

Organización Panamericana de la Salud, Programa Ampliado de Inmunización. Estrategias para la certificación de la erradicación de la transmisión del poliovirus salvaje autóctono en las Américas. Boletín de la Oficina Sanitaria Panamericana 1993: 115(4): 281-290.

3.8.2 Books and monographs

Individual authors

Ringsven MK, Bond D. Gerontology and leadership skills for nurses. 2nd. ed. Albany(NY): Delmar Publishers; 1996.

Editors and compilators

Norman IJ, Redfern SJ, (eds). Mental health for elderly people. NewYork: Churchill Livingstone; 1996.

Chapters of books

Phillips SJ, Whistnant JP. Hypertension and stroke. In: Laragh JH, Brenner BM, eds. Hypertension: pathophysiology, diagnosis and manangement. 2nd. ed. New York: Raven Press; 1995: 465-78.

Electronic materials

Journal articles in electronic format

Morse SS. Factors on the emergence of infectious diseases. Emerg Infect Dis [serial online] 1995 Jan-Mar; 1 (1): [24 screens]. [cited 1996 Jun 5]

Available from: URL:


Additional information:

International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals. Annals of Internal Medicine 1997; 126: 36-47.


3.9 Tables, illustrations and graphics

Only those structly essential for understanding the text must be included.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. This manuscript (or important parts of it) have not already been published and if accepted for publication in Acta Bioethica it will not be submitted for publication elsewhere without the agreement of the PAHO/WHO Program on Bioethics.    
  2. The paper does not exceed 6.000 words in length, including tables and illustrations    
  3. An abstract not exceeding 200 words in length is provided.    
  4. Bibliographical references are cited in accordance with the "Uniform Requirements" style (Vancouver Style).    
  5. The paper was prepared according to "Instructions to Authors".    
  6. Phone numbers, together with the corresponding author's E-mail are provided.    

Copyright Notice

Licencia Creative Commons

Acta Bioethica is edited by the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethical Studies of the University of Chile and published under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International license.

Intellectual property::

The submission and evaluation of the manuscripts received implies that the author (s) declare that they are original and exclusive owners of the author's economic and moral rights over the article, in accordance with the provisions of Law 17.336 on Intellectual Property (Chile) In case of having used outside works in the creation of the article, in whole or in part, they declare that they have the respective authorizations or licenses of use of their respective owners or that their use is expressly protected by law.

The author expressly releases from any subsequent responsibility to the Interdisciplinary Center of Studies in Bioethics of the University of Chile, for any legal, regulatory or contractual infraction that eventually commits or has committed in relation to the work, being obliged to repair any damage that results from the Infringement of these or other rights.

The author authorizes the Interdisciplinary Center of Studies in Bioethics of the University of Chile, in order that, by itself or through third parties expressly authorized by it, exercise the rights that are specified below, with respect to the article sent:

  • Publication, edition, reproduction, adaptation, distribution and sale of reproduced copies, including making available to the public online by electronic or digital means, of the article, in Castilian language, in any known territory, And for all types of printed edition in paper and electronic or digital, by its inclusion in the journal Acta Bioethica or another publication that publishes the Center.
  • This authorization is conferred on a non-exclusive, free, indefinite, perpetual and non-revocable basis, as long as the corresponding rights subsist and release the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethical Studies of the University of Chile from any payment or remuneration for the exercise of Rights.
  • The authors retain their copyright on their works, being able to reuse them as they decide.


Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses and placed in the journal Acta Bioethica be used exclusively for the stated purposes of this journal and will not be available for any other purpose or another person.